Brake pipes posted?

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Brake pipes posted?

Aug 31, 2003
Banbury, Oxfordshire
Hi all,

Right last bit of shopping i *need* to do (ie there will be more no doubt :rolleyes: ) but last bit i need for the current repairs is brake pipes

I know a local place can knock something up for me however it will be a royal pain in the bum to get trailing arms to them (ie taking trailing arms on bus and to work with me etc etc) and fiat only charge about £8 inc vat on them but will it be safe for fiat to post these to me or am i right in thinking due to bends etc they are just too deilcate to be posted? :(

other thing is, any of u guys fancy running to fiat then to mine? :idea: :slayer: :p
right the fiat ones come pre shaped not rolled as they are steel.from just sheding some skin and blood on mine if it involves intricate fitting then i would go with copper. ive fitted the steel ones but want to replace them as the ones i have fitted are not neat due to the stiffness of the pipe.
i'll be starting a thread on brake flaring tools as im just going to make my own since i'll be doing the rears as well in the near future
GhostWKD said:
old pipes snapped though dave and got bent a bit too when i was snapping them closer to the union to get a socket on them :( not sure i fancy making my own brake pipes up with a flaring kit etc :(
you only need the length and the ends fitted to get them made up.its no big thing making them as you are only flaring the ends of the pipe