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Nov 18, 2005
.... I drilled my airbox.

Guuuuurgle roooaaaaar! Hum much better noise than before.

Ged20D said:
Wont that f___ it up, or is it just me

Nope, you drill the holes on the side of the housing BEFORE the filter so all you are doing as allowing more air into the box to be filtered.

It's not the most scientific of mods but it does the job and makes the car sound really throaty. I've done this to every car I have ever owned and never had any troubles.

Ged20D said:
like you do???

Wont that f___ it up, or is it just me

nah man... depends of course on where he drilled it.

usually the air box is drilled to let more cold air through the filter resulting in a slight increase in peformance.

however nick, if u did it on the front of the box, that faces u when u look at the engine, right above the red hot exhaust manifold... it will be suckin in the hot air that rises off the manifold when u are driving, and not really making any difference performance wise..... :D
Most of the holes are in the top with a couple in the sides and about 5 in the front.

To be honest I did it mostly for the noise, any power increase is a bonus. As for the hot air I don't think that makes a huge amount of difference when running over 20mph with all those gaps in the sporting front bumper but I left the front pretty much alone anyway.

Ahh i thought about that, i know some crazy fool who bought a brand new clio an took his air filter off replacing it with a pair of tights :eek: :confused: is that just me aswell :rolleyes:
No that's just silly! Tights won't filter the air properly causing engine damage over a prolonged time and if he has remove the airbox he'll have ruined any airflow into the TB.

You can tell your mate he's a numpty :)

I drilled 6mm holes btween the ridges on the top front surface. Bit hard to explain so I'll post a picture up tonight if you like.

I think I ended up with oubout 30. I did take a pic last night but I've lost the cable for my digi camera :-(

Glad it sounds cool :)