Technical Booked into FIAT for Steering!

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Technical Booked into FIAT for Steering!

Jan 14, 2005

Just been upto Fiat Windsors (excellent dealers, unlike many I could name) and have booked in my Yellow Seicento Abarth to have a full steering check and tracking done Wednesday next week, as something is really not well in my steering system!

I have alot of scary movement going on when turning the steering wheel, I could move the steering wheel say enough to go round a corner but the car decides it wants to, but not how I planned it will start steering funny and needs alot of correcting and there is also a strange knocking noise when turning the steering wheel when the car is sitting still and moving.
Also when doing say 70 mph down the motorway and the wheel is perfectly straight the car is somehow moveing left and right by itself without my moving the wheel :eek: not the best of feelings I can tell you!

I hope Fiat get to the bottom of this issue as this is the second Seicento abarth to suffer with the same problem!


sounds like balljoints/wishbones most likely.planning to replace mine this weekend.
Got the car back from Fiat's about 2 hour ago (y) tracking was Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy out and the passenger side tyre is screwed hense why the car was pulling to the left.

Lucky the head mechanic was in today and he worked on it for an hour or so and checked the entire steering and everything was spot-on so :D im happy!

Just need new tyres now and thats all sorted!



forgot to mention... They didnt charge me as Im always in and out buying bits and bobs so they let me off £30 :D
Windsors Fiat, in Heswall on the Wirral(y) they have always been great with me and sorted all problems... they especially liked my Grey Seicento :cry: and thats part of the reason I got the check and tracking for free as it was a good will gesture as they where feeling sorry for me :D