Technical Bonnet won't open!

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Technical Bonnet won't open!


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Oct 28, 2007
Not for the first time, my 1.2sx's bonnet won't open from the inside lever/handle. Last time it co-incided with a service so not a problem. This time I need to get in to replace a headlight bulb.

So, any ideas how to get the ****** thing to open and how to prevent it happening again?:bang:
it is usually the case that the cable becomes disconnected from the lever you pull. when that happens you need to pull the cable with a pair of pliers.

the cause of this problem is usually a lack of maintenance. the bonnet mechanism should be lubricated every year. if it is not then it seizes, when that happens you pull the lever so hard that you damaged it and the cable comes off. i think you should lubricate the mechanism as best as possible when you get the bonnet open, and check the lever you pull to see if it is damaged where the cable joins, if it is replace it, if it isnt damaged then simply reconnect the cable. (it attaches in a very similar way to the cable on a mountain bike brake lever)