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Rob Johnson

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Nov 27, 2007
OK so I'm not from France but what that hell. I just found this forum and it's already been a HUGE help to me, thanks for that, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about me anyway...

I'm 19 and from Hull, I've booked my driving test for the 14th December but about a month ago I found this cool looking car near me for only £395. I had to have it. It's a Fiat Cinquecento S 1997, 900cc and I managed to get the dealer down to £290, obviously after getting £105 off the original price I was chuffed but also weary thinking maybe there was something wrong with it. The list of faults are as follows...

Rip in the drivers seat
Nail in the spare wheel
One hub cap missing
Two creaky doors

I was chuffed to bits.

Like I say, my test is almost 2 weeks away now & to say I'm desperate to pass would probably be the understatement of the century, I need to be driving NOW. I've not fitted anything substantial to the car (ie, anything under the bonnet, exhaust etc etc) but I have just put in a new ICE install, 1200w Amp, 500w sub & 2 400w speakers, the sound is deafening, in fact, there's that much power from the amp that when the bass gets too high the sub cuts out and I have to turn it down to get the sound back. This amazes me.

I'm not really a big tech guy when it comes to cars, I don't know the ins and outs but I'm amazed at what is possible & this forum has already helped me on my way to making my car reach it's potential. I want to do more substantial things to the little cinq because at the moment I'll be honest, it's quite lame, and I'm just wondering if anybody could maybe give me any hints and tips, I know there's a massive selection of things on the site but I'm just thinking of something that will help a newbie get to grips with the car & maybe make it look a little more respectable.

Anyway, thanks for listening to this drivvle & hopefully I'll be up posting properly before too long.

Cheers Again
Hi and welcome to here, to get some ideas for your car i suggest you look on the cinq/sei styling section of the forum there are quite a few project threads and pictures also if you click on the gallery link at the top of the page you should be able to see loads of pics for all sorts of inspirational ideas (y) enjoy your stay.
Hi, welcome to the warmth of the FF. Hope that your test goes well; just promise to remember you'll still have an awful lot of learning to do...

Sounds like your Cinque was a bargain as a self-propelled sound system ;)