General bolts on suspension

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General bolts on suspension

i assume you are talking about the front suspension and is it at the bottom of the suspension leg ?
i spent 2 days trying to get this one out !!
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rpaterson said:
I've also had bother with those bolts. Lots of hitting and swearing helped me to get them out. A new pair was only about 8 or 9 quid iirc.

i couldnt get mine out wen i had uprated dampers,lots of hammering at them n that didnt work.i found a blow torch,warm them up just a little n they soon pop out(y)
its an easy job made hard by stubborn bolts :bang: but its all done now phew!! :D
WD40 em leave it for a while, undo both nuts at the same time or youll cause y,self probs straight away. Knock em out together, e.g. hit 1 once then hit the other and vice-versa till out. Should be a bit easier !!!!(y)