BMW 528i SE Auto


After my Focus was written off, I wanted something a bit more fun to drive.

Heres the eBay item number: 250977622614

I've not seen it could be a complete disaster still! Did I get a good deal? Who knows. I'm happy with what I paid so far. From the photos, it looks very well looked after.

Looking forward to the 80 odd mile drive home.
, swapped to the Focus...loads of them to repair right? First thing that goes, diesel pump...£1,100 to fix! I swore...alot :LOL:.

Which version of diesel focus did you have? TDDi or TDCi?

I know the pumps on the TDDi are a weak point. Most diesel engines with those electronic bosch VP-series pumps are prone to pump failure - the TDDi Ford engine (used in Fiesta, Focus & Transit Connect), The 1.7DTi engine used in Vauxhalls (Astras, Corsa, Combo, Vectra), certain Audi TDi engines, and more I am sure.

Doubly sickening is that it's usually a failed sensor inside the pump that kills them, a cheap little bit to replace you would think. But no, it comes as part of the brain of the pump, 100s of pounds :(

When the pump went on mine (at 198,000 miles!), I got a recon "virgin" pump from a Bosch fuel specialist, cost me £450 (trade price). I then spent more buying parts to fit it - new oil seals, injector pipes, timing belt and pulleys, fresh fuel filter. I'm a mechanic, so did the work myself which no doubt saved some money. Had to buy special long torx sockets to undo the pump, and bought a timing pin set for doing the timing belt. Probably cost me £750-ish all-in to change my pump, thats trade prices and not including labour!

The pump has been the only thing on my Focus that broke and left me stranded. in 8 years/82,000 miles I am pretty happy with that :) Yes, its had other problems, but mostly wear and tear...
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Riding rough back getting to you? :p :nerner:

I love the bike, its unbelievably fun, I never have a problem with traffic, I get 40mpg+ without trying.

But, I do miss being lazy and jumping in the car for short trips. It takes me longer to get ready than my ride into work.

I also miss my CD player, I'm saving up for the intercom for my helmet, only problem is its £300 :(.

I still have a bit of BMW with me though, my helmet :D.