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Technical Blue key replacement


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Sep 7, 2005
Hi all,
Is there any one out there who can help me.
I need to replace one of my blue keys as the alarm button works intermittently.
I have the red key and a small silver plastic tag with a letter and 4 numbers on it. I think I am missing the 2 round keys that disable the alarm.
Is it still possible to program a new key to operate the alarm without the 2 round keys??
Fiat told me i also need an alarm code which was on the tiniest bit of paper wrapped around the original keys. The manual mentions nothing about this.:confused:
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks polecat. I am now even more confused.
My alarm still works as i have one fully functional blue key and the one that is playing up still works sometimes.
I need 2 keys as i need to use the car while my wife is at work so it saves picking up and dropping off keys.
My main dealer says that i need the alarm code but a smaller local fiat specialist says i don't.
I also looked in the fuse box area this morning and i do not have an alarm disable key switch in there. (now i know why i don't have the little round keys!)
Nothing seems to add up with the manual for the car and what i am being told.
Can some one please help me sort out what i need and what i don't.
If anyone has an old blue alarm key with a good microswitch i could just swap that over and my problem is solved.