Technical Blowers doesn't works please help me

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Technical Blowers doesn't works please help me


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Jul 23, 2018
Hey everyone. hopefully somebody can help me. The blowers of my ulysse do not work, no air comes up or to the face. Backwards does work. He did it perfectly after that he started blowing hard only through the front window with some noise and then it stopped completely. Few days later everything suddenly went on again but after half an hour suddenly the same. From face to front window and then out.

I saw a previous treath but at the end of those steps I do not see 2 bolts and a fan that you slide out of the main unit.

See that picture where you should take it and the instructions of this treath.

Hopefully everyone can and wants to think along because I am chronically ill with bad lungs and for me it can not be sustained without blowers and air conditioning air.

Thanks in advance! Sorry for my angel

Greetings Daniel from the Netherlands

The other treath here;

Getting to the main blower is fairly easy on the RHD Ulysse. Access to the blower motor requires the removal of the passenger glove box.The procedure is as follows:
1. Detach the front section of the passenger door seal.
2. Unclip the closer panel which houses the passenger air bag disarming switch.
3. Disconnect the disarming switch.
4 Unclip the right windscreen pillar trim.
5. Remove (5) fastener screws, (3) on the top front edge of the glove box, (2) at the side.
6, Remove the glove box.
7. Remove the glove compartment light and unclip the audio/visual connector by pushing it inwards.
8. Remove sound insulation and side blower air inlet pipe.

You will now see the main blower unit. To remove it from its housing:
1. Disconnect the electrical connectors.
2. Remove (2) bolts near the bottom of the unit.
3. Withdraw the blower module taking care not to damage two plastic 'tabs' at the top.


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Its fixed! Thanks for 0 answers

Haha the problem was de blower airco unit. We have mount the unit cleane him up revise it en it works like never before
There is another blower on these, it's to the right of the steering wheel on a RHD model. It's a bit fiddly to remove but well worth it to clean it and pack out the motor as it tends to move a bit after a while.