Technical Bleeding up fuel system 1.6 petrol

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Technical Bleeding up fuel system 1.6 petrol

Kevin Williams

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Jan 13, 2006
Year 2000 marea with no fuel filter. When I turn the key to start the car in the morning it turns over but doesn't start (may splutter), if I leave the key in the ignition postion for 2 secs before trying to start it fires up ok. I know this allows the fuel pump to prime (pressurise) the system. All subsiquent starts are perfect if less than 10 hours.
I read somewhere about bleeding the system up but can't find where. Mines got the vapour lock canister behind the drivers wing..

Any ideas?
You cant bleed this system. Its possible that the one way valve is faulty in the pump housing allowing the fuel to drain back into the tank or it could be a faulty pressure regulator. Either way it would need to have fuel pressure guages fitted for testing purposes.
Thanks for the reply.....the car drives perfect and gives good fuel economy, if you can call 37-41 good. I think I'll wait for another related problem with the fuel pump before replacing.