Blaupunkt CD player in punto MK.25 55

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Blaupunkt CD player in punto MK.25 55


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May 2, 2006
Grand-Castang, France
My girlfriend's got a Punto active sport 1.2 55reg.

Standard Blaupunkt cd player and standard speakers. The quality is terrible as standard is, I was told there isn't a way to connect an iPod to it, got around that anway with this thing off ebay. But the sound is still terrible. What I want to know is, am I able to buy amp sub and stuff to connect to it, does it even have the sockets for the amp to connect to, what size exactly are the speakers in the door and in the back (3 door), is there any other ways around it if it doesn't have the sockets without replacing CD player.

Would it be worth replacing the in door speakers, 3x9s are a no go, she will not do that to her car.

Any help would help me out a lot.