Bin Laden at APEC

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Bin Laden at APEC

Do you think they will throw the book at them for showing how crap their security is? It's amazing they managed to get that far.

"$160 million was spent to keep dignitaries safe, and a convoy of actors got within yards of President Bush's hotel."

obviously money well spent
I personally love the Chaser, and I rekon that this stunt, while funny, has overstepped the mark. Seriously, one of the snipers could have spotted Chas/Osama through the window, and called in in and taken a shot TO KILL (He's thinking of the bounty OBL's head)

IIRC Chas is currently on a good behaviour bond from his last run in with the boys in blue at the NRL game where he was selling a Bulldogs Supporters Kit (flares, fake knives, balaclavas, knuckle dusters and a scarf) and this may put him in for longer.

Good on 'em for having a go though.