General Barn find 1979 1500 arriving tomorrow!

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General Barn find 1979 1500 arriving tomorrow!


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Aug 14, 2022
Hi all, I bought a long-stored 1979 1500 which is arriving tomorrow! (Wish me luck!)
The engine is supposed to run but hasn't been started due to aged timing belt. One of my first jobs needs to be to change the timing and aux belt and try to get the engine firing. This will be the 3rd X1/9 I have owned over the years but have never changed a timing belt on one. Is there a useful guide on the forum re: changing belts, any special tools required etc?
I am lucky enough to have a lift and a garage so am happy to tackle it myself. The plan is to restore the car back to original, with only some minimal upgrades in essential areas such as brakes. I have a Youtube Alfa Romeo channel (The Alfa Nut) and am launching a second channel shortly, (The Classic Nut), featuring other classics, hence the Exxy.
Any pointers gratefully received & if anyone happens to know the car or it's history, please let me know..



Thanks mate - a Panda Nut, talking to an Alfa Nut! :LOL:
I like them too. I nearly bought one a few years ago but it conked out 100yds after starting the test drive. The garage - an Alfa dealer in Kent spouted so much garbage in such a short time I walked away. I bought a Fiat Bravo instead. Its not for the want of wanting though.
Quick update on my barn find X1/9: Had the car up on the lift for a good look at the floorpan and arches etc. and I'm happy to report that the structure of the car is pretty sound, with no chassi rust that I can see, just some rust on areas like the front bib mounting points and door bottoms. The worst bits are rust around the top of the windscreen frame and a hole in nearside wing where it meets the screen frame. Fiddly to fix but not serious.
The brake pedal is totally solid, so I'm guessing that either the master cylinder is seized or the pedal hinge is. I have got a replacement master cylinder and also a clutch slave cylinder to fit. Quick question: Does anyone know whether a stock 1500 X1/9 has ever been fitted with a supercharger? :sneaky: