Anyone need a new box?

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Anyone need a new box?

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How heavy is your wifes box? I wouldnt want it falling over and breaking my cock in half.

A: Her box is VERY light, less than a pound!

Q: Does this box have any bad odeurs we should know about? I'd hate for my cock to smell.

A: She has kept her box maintained very well, in fact I would say it smells Spring time fresh!

Q: Has this box had anything other than a cock inside it or has it been used with any other items, including kitchen utensils and various vegatables

A: As far as I know other than the failed attemps of my cock the only other thing that's been in her box is a candle.

Fairly amusing, the questions posed and answers lack a little comedy touch though.

Still say the 'power resistor' and 'oil rig' auctions were the funniest yet.