Technical Any more modifications available?? Punto GT

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Technical Any more modifications available?? Punto GT


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Sep 29, 2007
Heres the spec of my car, is there anything i can do to get it faster??? cams, pulleys? nything else? and if i do these will it need anything to accompany the changes:)? Thanks People :D
Runs 198bhp @ 24psi, with an additional 50bhp from the NoS taking it to 248bhp. will run an 11.92 1/4 mile. The mods include:
Stage 2 Hybrid turbo (blown seals )
HKS EVC controller
Full Silicone hose set up
Bailey Dump valve
K&N induction kit
G-Max suspension (-30mm)
Full Powerflow exhaust system
Nitrous Express 50bhp system with 11lb bottle
B&M short throw shifter
Uprated braking system including callipers, pads and discs
Uprated plugs and leads
hiya mate, im not exactly sure it just says on the reciept, superchip, it was supplied and fitted at Well Lane Turbo centre in batley if that helps? is there anyway i can find out?
oka so what chip i go for then? an i have bhp readout, 3 years old though :-(
I think most people on cough'psc'cough go for seb chips, search on there as they'll help you out with advise.
is there a website for Seb chips? i only a starter so a bit thick at the moment, lol sorry! and basically your saying superchips are crap basically? :confused: cuz itll be coming staright of LOL!! thanks for the help mate :)
Yep, utter rubbish. AFAIK all they do is raise the limiter. They do nothing to fueling. It's wacking your boost up that gets the increase.

The only UK distributer for SEB chips is on, his username is Mr Hans.

There are 2 different one available for your car, SEB2 for a mostly standard engine and SEB4 for a modified engine with uprated turbo etc.
(y) PuntoKid you the man :worship: SEB4 chip on its way :D thanks buddy :slayer: right next question, :devil: whats best Induction kit i can fit to the car, because currently it has an old scabby k&n filter fitted, and what about all this direct induction?
There are various theories on air filters for the GT.

I had a K&N and it was shockingly bad. So binned it straight away. I am now running a Pipercross panel filter in the standard air box. Much better throttle response, smother to drive.

People also tend to recommend not to use "direct induction" air filters like the BMC CDA on turbo'd cars as they can be a little restrictive. Not sure how true that is, but there we go.
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well just gotta Locate an original airbox now then! :bang: Lol! well ordered my SEB4 chip with Mr hans (y) should be running bout 200 bhp :D Is there much gain from changing the cams?? i see you bin there an done it before! Lol
Thanks :p