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Any Guesses?


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Sep 8, 2007

Have just had the joy of getting a phone from the police advising me that my Punto 1.2 16v HLX (metallic blue body tone bumpers wing mirrors etc) has been broken into. On going out to inspect the damage, I've found:

Smashed in driver passenger window
Attempt to hotwire ignition - wires ripped
Right Indicator snapped off
Driver door - bent by the front wheel arch (must have been booted against its hinges) totally buckled and won't shut properly :cry:

I've been told the car's value (2000 vintage and 40,000 on the clock) is aprox £2400. I know absolutely feck all about cars but am wondering if it's likely the repair costs will exceed the value? I'm guessing yes, but would be pleased to hear what people who actually know what they're talking about Punto-wise reckon!

Many thanks :)
Thanks for the info,

Yep, insurers are saying that need to use an 'approved' garage, which for my area is a notoriously expensive chain garage who I would never use myself.

Have forked out £1500 on repairs in the past 6 months and factor in a vandalised wing mirror in April and after these latest events I think I'll have to get rid of the car even if they repair it. Get so angry everyime I think about it :bang:

Was asked what value I thought it was and had to hazard a guess but told them I wasn't sure - is £2500 unrealistic for a write-off value?
damn it dave, u beat me :p

yeh insurance will want to use new parts and approved body specialists, so the cost through insurance could be stupid.

EDIT: You'd have thought people who hotwire cars would know that all (AFAIK) 1995+ fiats wont start without the keycode?

They will start, though its not something i'm going to post on a public forum.
They will start, though its not something i'm going to post on a public forum.

:confused: got me confused now... and worried lol. Doesn't the keycode induction loop go directly to the ECU tho and wait till it has recieved the code and the code matches with the one the ECU knows? and so unless someones going to mess with the ECU, it wont start? :confused: