Cinquecento Another return to the cinqucento


So its been a few years since I owned a cinquecento, but have always remained skulking on the ff as I have a love for the little fiats and also have a formula 750.

So at he end of last year, I bought another one (now my 4th?), with the intention of possibly using it for some motorsport abuse. Its been sat around not doing much, just collecting the odd part or two, but now the sun is out I may do some bits to it.

So here it is MOTless sat on the drive.

It has rust in the usual places, and a porous sump (now changed for a new one I had lying around), the exhaust was shot (replaced with a std one for now).

The paint is terrible on it, and it has a dent on almost every panel. (y)
Thanks for comments, but Its a bad photo that makes it look better!

Yesterday was spent getting it ready for a mot and changing the locks over, for some reason all the locks were buggered. I took the opportunity to remove the central locking to save some weight.
Looks really good!
Its very shiny for a red one.. and not pink.
As far as dents go most cinquecento's have a few knocks now, since there mostly shopping carts and are approaching 20years old for the early sportings!

My locks are buggered too! the passenger one doesn't work with the key and the central locking doesn't work at all.
I miss my Cinq!!!:cry:

I had a red 1 at one point too, as a stop gap car and it got royally abused lol

it had no 3rd gear so I had to kick its head in otherwise it died in 4th lol.

There is an Immaculate White 899 knocking around near me and I keep trying to get her to sell it to me but she wont sell it.
I have a yellow one... I originally wanted a red Cinq, I think they look great!

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Hotted Up Machini
So, its ready for the MOT...

with some new wheels on


And also at the weekend, I finished off a manual window conversion, the wiring and the motor of the electric windows is an unwanted extra!

The manual conversion is definitely a good idea, I've just spent ages ****ing around with mine.... Headache! Nice wheels too!

'98 Broom Cinq Sporting
Which motor club do you belong to? I reckon a Cinq would be an ideal 12car tool, nice and nimble and top fun to throw around dark back lanes. Make a change from the endless 205GTi's and Rover 200's that everybody seems to use.