An embarrassing question I'm sure!

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An embarrassing question I'm sure!

Jun 30, 2008
OK I have to admit that this will probably be like asking you guys how to open a can of coke or something, but the fact is, I have tried to find the answer, but failed.
Here goes:
I have an excel spreadsheet with names of companies and the value of sales made to them last year and this year to date.
The list is in alphabetical order but I want to put it in to descending numerical order, based on the sales made to them this year to date. So in other words, re-order the year to date column in descending order, but keep the correct name attached.
Yes I know that's basic, but when I went to school we used slide rules and log tables !:eek:
Any help gratefully received. Thanks.
It is 2000 I think, but if I do it on my laptop that is 2003 ( I am so up to date!)
I know how to put the numbers in to numerical order, but how do I keep the name and number value correctly attached to each other?
I mean if:
Customer A is £7000
Customer B is £5000
Customer C is £10000
then I would want the list to come out as:
Customer C £10000
Customer A £7000
Customer B £5000
It should do that as part of the sort function automatically:

Had me worried there for a moment when I saw the title of this thread POC. Bit of a relief that it was about computers
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Thanks for the concern Beard.
I get the doctor to answer my really embarrassing questions, on behalf of a friend of course :)
Don't forget matey, if you need advice on impotence, urinary incontinence or any other ailment that may affect us chaps as we get older, just post them on here and no-one will tell a soul...............probably. ;)