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Apr 30, 2002
If I have 2 amps wired up can I get volume controls for 1 of them so I can turn it up or down to my choosing. I'm asking this cause I want to power my 6x9's and front comps with 1 amp and the subs with the other and not have the 6x9's and front comps distort before my subs.

The modding will start, once my zorst arrives!!
halfords do a sub conroller that u can put in line in the RCA leads to the sub amp its about 30 quid but the only other way is a graphic eq. but a decent one is 130 plus.
The top of the range Pioneer, Alpine and a few other headunits allow you to control the level of the bass internally.
Just look for a headunit that has a specific sub pre-out or alternatively run your components and 6x9's from the front channel pre-out and the sub on the rear channel outputs and hey presto! Using the balance control of the headunit i.e. front to rear balance you can adjust the levels of sound going to the speakers.

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Hi Gaz Wrexham,

New to forums but know about me car audio so here is what i would suggest. instead of having seperate volume controls I think you'll find it would sound better set-up properly. tell me to shut up if im wittering on but i used to have a pukka system myself up until i bought a house!!! Bummer... it was only 850 Watts but sounded the dogs c*^k very deep and very loud over 150db.

your system sounds the same as what i had.. so i did the following.
1) setting up 6X9 and fronts: (disconnect the sub for now we will set this up last.) switch on your head unit and make sure the the 6x9 and FC= front comps are working ok. now switch the amp gain to half way (not sub amp).
2) now start to crank up the stereo unitl your front comps or 6x9 start to disort!! probably find the front comps distort first.
3) if he head unit is up to at least half its full volume this is ok if not the turn it up to half way and adjust the gain on the amp until the FC and 6x9's start to distort.
4) now for the sub: leave the other volume controlls where they are, and slowly turn the gain of the sub up until it starts to sound nice and balance.. when you reach this point of balance just tweak the sub amp gain a little bit more or until your satisfied with it.

This will now be on for all types of music, and will sound good as well as loud (hopefully) obviousely volume would depend on if you was useing cross overs which i would definatly recomend, also the power of the amps and quality of the speakers.

If ya want to chat some more on this subject let me know..

my system was only a budget system as didnt have much cash but honestly i got quite a few compliments on it purely cause of how it was set up it just sounded right.. Bare in mind this was in a Punto so not much space.. but still got 2 12" subs in there!! he he he...

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

may the force be with you!!

Ben obi1
Also forgot to say that the other alternative is to go down the route that 2.0 20v recomends but this can be expensive if you already have the gear place.
Ben what sort of subs and amps were u running in the punto. Did u go the whole way with sound deadening and stuff.
Hi Ashills,

I was running 2 12" Kenwoods can't remember the model but they was the ones with the blue cones in, think they was the KFC range.. also Kenwood 6x9" (again blue cone range) but these are pretty crap compared to other 6x9" at cheaper cost.. as for amps they were 2 Longmill amplifiers, one 200watts for the 6x9" and a 400Watt jobbie for the subs.. also a Logmill Sub crossover (Acvtive) set to 120Hz with 12db of bass boost. i used the head unit to power up the fronts which is a panasonic uinit nothing special but 45 watts per channel.. the fronts speakers are something like sound lab.. coaxial type but i cheated here and run the main driver with the front head unit out puts and then cut the tweeter connections and run them with the rear head unit outputs.. sounded ok but can shag the sound stage on some songs.. but at max volume i didnt care about the staging too much.. as for sound deadening i didnt really do much of that except only to stops things rattleing.. i.e. number plates, mirrors, door pannels etc.. also tried to stop the bass blowing the fillerments in the back lights... (right pain in the arse that is.. ) The point of my system was to get volume and clarity without spending stack loads of cash as some people do.. and i honest ly think i achieved it given the equipment wasnt anything special just installed and set up correctly. What about your system what are you running?
Im in the middle of sorting it now it consists of:
two 1000w pioneer subs,
ps401 amp(1200w),
Helix amp for the mid range at front,
MB Quart mids in the doors with kenwood tweeters in dash,
Pioneer 8900 Headunit controlling the whole lot.
Should sound pretty good once the subs are in the mids are really crisp and clear, just got to get the boxes spot on, then make it all look smart.
Sorry for lack of reply just not been able to get on the forum,, Any way your system sounds pukka and like you say should sound the dogs once its all installed, are you fitting it all yourself? more fun this way.. Im currently in the process of getting rid of my punto and replacing it with a Bravo HLX 1.8 16v more space for better sytem i recon.. should get at least 4 twelves in the boot :)

stupid question. but how do you install 2 amps. can you run them both off the one power cable from the battery, or do you have to run a 2nd line down?


joe turner

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hi syphon,

You need to run a 4-gauge power wire from the battery into the boot.
This connects to a fused distribution block from which (depending on the size of the distribution block) you can take 2, 4 or 6, 8-gauge power wires which then connect direct to your amps.
If your going to the meet on Saturday, i'll show you my system, it'll be easier than explaining on here :)

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glad you said about the 4-guage cable, becuase thats what I laid down in the car yesterday.
Can't make the meet on saturday, work calls me :(

would you recommend running 1 6-channel amp for my 6x9s and 2 subs, or a 4-channel for the subs, and a 2-channel for the 6x9s?
I reckon 2 amps would look better in a boot install, but are there any real reasons to cause one over the other.

joe turner

Seicento Sporting 2000 X
Black Front and Side Indicaters
JBL ICE + Pioneer DCEH8400 HeadUnit 6x9 in parcel shelf,16.5cm in rear arm rests, 10cm in front)
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I don't know if this helps but i'm going to run 2 4 way amps, a set for my front components and my rear side panel ones, one for the sub and the rear parcel shelf speakers and another set of parcel shelf speakers direct from the head unit.

After reading your last reply mine doesn't seem like its going to work, will I need to buy another amp


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Syphon-It will all depend on what amps your thinking of using, what are the manufacturers?
I think my personal preference would be to use a 4-channel amp to power the 6x9's and the 10cm front speakers(assuming these can handle some power) or the 16.5cms.
And either a 4-channel bridged, or a high power 2-channel (or even a high-power mono block amp) to run the subs.

Gaz-That system sounds fine to me. So...
Amp 1 - 2 channels for components, 2 channels for rear speakers
Amp 2 - 2 channels bridges for sub, 2 channels for parcel shelf speakers.
And a set run from the headunit.
Thats fine, what were you worried about?

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I was going to use the JBL amps. GTO 2000 which is a two channel, GTO 4000 amp which is a four channel, or GTO 6000 which is a six channel.

GTO 2000
* 2 Channel Amp
* 2 x 75w
* 1 x 220w

GTO 4000
* 4 Channel Amp
* 4 x 75w
* 2 x 220w

Couldn't find the specs for the 6000.

How does this sound. I get two GTO 4000 (4-channel). I use the first amp to power the 2 subs. bridge two sets of channels. and use the other amp to power the fronts, and the 6x9s, leaving the 16.5cm to run of the head unit as rear speakers?

thanks for your help guys, I am still learning the whole topic of ICE installs :)


joe turner

Seicento Sporting 2000 X
Black Front and Side Indicaters
JBL ICE + Pioneer DCEH8400 HeadUnit 6x9 in parcel shelf,16.5cm in rear arm rests, 10cm in front)
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Hi Syphon, yeah the 2 4-channel amp option setup sounds good :D

Gaz - The only way you'll be able to run everything off the headunit will be to buy another or bigger amp.

One option would be to find a 6-channel amp to run the front components, and both sets of rear parcel shelf speakers.
And then get a 4-channel amp to run the rear side pannel ones and bridge 2-channels to run the sub.

The option would be 2 4-channel amps for all the speakers and either a 2-channel or monoblock amp for the sub :D

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