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Amp for JL speakers

Jun 2, 2009
:idea: I have JL Audio C2-650x Coaxial Car Speakers in the front and JL Audio JLTR525-Cxi for the back I wondered what amp would complement them. I don't have a big budget and am looking to put a sub in at some point. But I don't mind having another amp to run that independently.

Any suggestions on the amp??
thank you for the help. I will try that option i cant find where sells them though let alone for £50. Sorry to ask but any help?
Just scour ebay for them second hand, and sorry i meant JL e2150 :eek:
Just type in JL to ebay there are normally bargains to be had under £50 including postage. Also dont be fooled by some of the rated Figures.
I had an e2150 which says 45w RMS x2 but its a lot louder than that.

This is the same.

Maybe offer this person £50 and arrange your own courier at their convenience. I find you can get things a lot cheaper as the seller just has to make sure that somebody can be in for collection. Also is cheap as chips. 99.9% items like £8.50.
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Wont this mean that the front will distort quickly. I am guessing that running back one off a head unit will be ok as I have Kenwood. although I don't trust the ratings that they give.
^^^ I forgot to add the link to that when i made the last comment about offereing £50 and postage.

If set up properly the rears will distort way before the fronts.
This is what the gain is for on the amp. You need not worry about over powering speakers within reason as its not power that kills them. Its the distortion from the source. If you set the gain too high (above the preout voltage of your HU) then you will be amplifying any impurities and sending a clipped wave signal to the speaker. This will then blow it.
If your amp is higher rated than speakers then you can always turn the gain down a bit so you are not amplifying the source signal so much therefore outputting less. This is what we call the gain pot. The lower the gain the less hard the amp is working the better the quality of sound produced.

This is why for example i am using 360w RMS for my front mid bass speakers that are rated at 200w RMS. Although i plan to use as many of those 360w as i possibly can :devil:
I appreciate all the help as you are revered as knowing a hell of a lot about ICE. it didn't really answer the question i had if JL Audio e4300 amp was better. do you recommend bridging and running two speakers then.

basically if i get JL Audio e4300 will it be too low RMS (which is 45w on the amp) to run 4 speakers at 60w as it is 15w below?? with clear sound and little distortion.

Yes that amp would be better.
Where did you get 60w From?
RMS Power Rating (12.5V):
4 ohms: 45 watts x 4 chan.
2 ohms: 75 watts x 4 chan.
Bridged (4 ohms): 150 watts x 2 chan.
Bridged (8 ohms): 90 watts x 2 chan.

The ratings are way under stated and a normal car will be just under 14 volts so the rate will be much higher. Also you have the possibilty of running active (Without the x-overs). So you run the woofers of a channel each and then the tweeters off a channel each.
This way you will have more control over each speaker.