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Alternator Removal


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Mar 6, 2019
Hello I've:cry: been trying to remove my alternator since Monday and I'm having a difficult time getting the top bolt out. Is there a specific way to do it? :cry:
When I used to live in a dodgy area of Glasgow, you would just leave the car at the side of the road in the evening with the bonnet open. After 30 minutes, the entire engine would have been taken out.. :D

But "what model is it"?

On a lot of cars these days there's no easy way to get access to the back of the engine. You may need to remove the coolant header tank for example to make space to get a hand down there.

The alternator itself will come out from below, although to get the one out of my Stilo I had to remove the driveshaft to be able to access the lower bolts.

Ralf S.
I'm assuming it's a car with air conditioning.

Sorry this is al old thread but for anyone looking to to sort this one I can help.

You will need a small socket extension, ratchet handle and 13mm socket. I used 3/8 drive but 1/4 is easier to connect. It depends on having a long enough but not too long extension.

Access is from the top and is terrible (but you know that) so you will need a suitable wood batten to lever the socket handle and break the thread grip. Once its moving it will take ages and ages to get the screw out. You might also have trouble with the bottom bolt(s). The threads go right though so are at risk of corrosion seizure. Loosen the bolts then squirt some penetrating oil into the open threaded hole where its got more chance of doing some good.

The alternator come out from underneath. I disconnected the exhaust pipe. More work but well worth the effort to make some working space.

When you put it back together don't tighten the other bolts until you have that difficult top bolt threaded. Use a good anti seize paste all the way up the bolts. It will make removal easier next time and Sod's Law says you'll be doing it. ;)