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Feb 18, 2006
Hey guys .. newbie here, I drive a fiat cinquento sportin, love the car, but does it give me problems or what.. anyway latest problem is the alternater has gone.. getting it looked at on monday, but wondered if anyone new what sort of price range im looking at?

would appreciate any help with this.

Thanks in advance.. Gem x
I've had the fun of alternator shopping recently, found one for free off a very very good friend :cool: :D Depends what your looking at, exhange alternators your looking at about £80 figure from what i was quoted, or a alternator and keep your dead one looking at about £120ish i think it was, or the other option would be find one second hand or get your own refurbished :)

Hope this helps somewhat :)

p.s. welcome to the forum :D
Thank you :)

here's hoping my mechanic can get me a cheapy one then.