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Oct 14, 2006
My time of Owning a Fiat has sadly come to an end.:( the Brava is leaveing my hands monday and is geting replaced by an '04 Vauxhall Vectra 2.0 CDTi :eek:

I will still be arround, and i wont be Fiatless for long. i hope to have an x1/9 by the end of the year.(y)
thats so funny i nearly choked on my tongue

Trust me its true. My work van is a Vauxhell Combo 1.3 CDTI Diesel (1.3 mJet with GM crap attached). And its an utter piece if s**t. It's hit or miss weither it will start up (only when it wants usually after 8:30am and not before!). It randomnly sets of the hazard warning lights all by it self without it showing up on the dash. The EGR valve stays shut most of the day resulting in heavy smoking, crap performance. I was informed at last service that its a problem with the electrics not the actual valve which works fine. Now I tend to use a 1970's ex falkland war land rover I rescued from the scrap car pool :D.

As for original post welcome to the problems of vauxhell / GM CDTI's engines ;). Please say its a company car?.
Please say its a company car?.

well, you could say that. i needed something that gets good milage and had a big boot for work. and they gave me a deal i just couldnt refuse, and thats goota be good because i love that Brava to bits, sorry to see it go. but ohh well. bigger and better things to come out of this.
looks like im sticking arround after all. had the car for 5 hours, then the turbo fu*k Vauxhall, i'll stick with my fiats, they last longer.(y)

but the weird thing is. im not suprised it failed...:eek:
I think only the newest generation of vaux/gm diesels shares the bits with fiat/alfa diesels.

e.g new astra sports/new corsa/new corsa van etc?

as for the older GM diesels, well, the cavalier age 1.7 was nasty, but tough as hell.
the newer ones 1.9/2.2 etc that found their way into saabs are best avoided. on th saab forecourt almost the entire forecourt (maybe 30-40cars) were the diesel varients. two salepeeps asked what I wanted, said they didn't have ANY petrol cars atall, just this fleet (ex fleet I reckon) of diesels and that their really good.
drove a 9-5 estate 2.2 tid (Cdti, same as), got about 10mins into a testdrive (stuck in traffic) temp gauge show'd medium, then it just stalled.
the Headgasket had instantously gone :bang:
SO I phoned the garage and asked where I was and they'd come with a pickup truck (test drive remember), I'd actually only gone 300-500yards :eek:

anyway, take your vectra back, and buy a TDci mondeo, boring yes, but they handle VERY well, have VERY VERY good engines, and you can pick em up for nothing now (esp with new model shoving prices down).
im haveing no luck this week at all... :bang:

frig, have you thought about how to get it off yet? a grinder takes less than 5 mins to get it off but a chain cutter will make less noise. those chain clamps are the easiest to remove, and are never used by proper clamping companies, so its probably a couple of cowboys in a van getting high on their clamping license. chop it off and take it home with you as a soveneir.
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they never put it on properly due to the GT4 desigen its very hard to get a clamp on properly. all i really need to do is take off the wing, jack it up, then slip it off. :D but first things first its an illegal clamp so im takeing them to court.:devil: