Technical Airflow Mass Sensor Disconnected

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Technical Airflow Mass Sensor Disconnected


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Apr 21, 2007
I just disconnected the AFM on my Doblo which corrected immediately my problem with acceleration. I also noticed that my gas mileage had deteriorated. Does anyone know if a faulty AFM also could be the problem with the mileage? Am I damaging the engine by not having the unit replaced? Thanks you for your help and responses. Another question that I have regards the EGR. Is it's function only to decrease the levels of pollutants or does it also contribute (or the opposite) to the cars efficiency? Can the Doblo be run with the EGR blocked as is suggested in the other threads?

Alan it is illegal to run a vehicle without/or with a modified EGR valve if it was designed to be fitted with one and if found out (ie. at MOT time) you can be fined (heavily I believe!).

As far as the AFM goes, yes it will cause you to loose MPG, if it's affecting your acceleration then it's going to affect your economy too. The vehicle is designed to run with an AFM and your MPG won't improve unless you get it replaced. This is because the ECU won't know the correct air fuel mixture so it won't run at it's optimum - this may also damage components over long periods of time.
Thanks for your reply Ozzie. In the meantime the van accelerates like a rocket. I want to try cleaning the AFM unit but am having trouble removing it or the air pipes running to it. I read somewhere that it can be cleaned using carburator cleaner but I understand that they first took the unit out. Do you are anyone else have any tips for me about how to remove the unit?
you undo the screw holding it in using tamperproof torx keys, don't clean it with carb cleaner, use isopropal alcohol (stuff used for cleaning tape heads) and cotton buds
Thanks for your reply Toad. I will take it apart, clean it, and lpost the results for the forum.
I have a Rover 75 as well as my Doblo. On the Rover Forum, Rover Ron has an article relating to air flow sensors, as well as lots of other items, such as EGR valves. His articles refer to other cars apart from Rovers. He is a dealer, but speaks a lot of sense. Well worth a look.
Not worth even attempting to 'clean' air flow meter,stick a new one on & dont pay the council tax this month.....& get change;)