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General Aircon leak


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May 15, 2006
North East
Hi I have a leak on the elbow valve thingy oily substance underneath I cant see where exactly it is coming from just wondering if anybody has had the same thing or any info would be of great help


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Hopefully just the union, the oil is the lubricant that is in the system together with the refrigerant gas. I would get it checked out though as excessive pressures due to other failures can cause this sort of problem, eg is the radiator fan kickinng in OK on the pressure switch?
Hi dont know wether its suppose to or not but the fans dont kick in when the aircon is switched on what else is likely to cause excessive pressure
The compressor causes the gas to heat up, the fans should kick in to cool it down then when it evapourates it gives you the cooling. I would have the triple switch and reciever dryer changed.
Problem sorted it was an O ring. I phoned a bloke who has mobile aircon unit to see if he would drain the system till I put it on he did better than that he did it and never charged me for it, mind it was just a 10mm bolt to take out old rubber ring off then new one on push the pipe in, bolt in and vaccum the system to remove any air recharge and that was it 30mins charged £45 and thats his price for a full service