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Technical Air induction kits


Fiat Seicento 1.1 !Sezza!
Mar 6, 2006
Im thinking of getting a k & N 57i for my 1.1 seicento SPI
do i need to jet the carbs when i fit this?????
forget the k&n, i had one and all they do is make a lot of noise but give no performance increase,

look into getting a gsr or bmc cda induction kit which are specifically designed for the 1.1 engines and have been dyno proven to increase power.........i know, i had mine dyno'd (y)
Im currently running a pipercross viper onto a gsr hose, onto an 899 bob, it works a treat, when i bought my car it already had a k&n on it, and the difference is noticable when driving, the viper is loads better.
lol ill have a shop around ill spose lol thanks for the info but can u plz look at my handbrake prob on the board cause it annoying me lol:confused: :bang:
dave said:
gsr kits are only £99.99 delivered for the cento, they actualy do some thing, unlike the k&n
where can i order them from any links :cool:
lol will do and ill lookinto comeing up to ace cafe that in London rite:confused:
depends if i can my beast moving tho :bang: damn handbrake or siezd wheel