Technical Advice replacing inner cv boot

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Technical Advice replacing inner cv boot


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Jan 3, 2006
Hi All

Ok, I used a universal cv boot last weekend to temporarily repair a leaking inner cv boot on my wifes 899sx sei (2000 x reg)

That is the one that seals the gearbox oil in.

Firstly i knew it would be a temporary job, but seriously the universal split boot you glue together is pants. It is already leaking and i did fit it properly.

Now the fiat dealer is open again I have ordered the inner boot and a new hub nut. Is there anything else i need to get this job done?

As in any other parts or tools i should buy?

I have a ball joint splitter already and a 30mm hub nut socket (which i think is the right size)

Thanks in advance guys
Just found out that the alernator is buggered too. Got one from a scrappy for £21. so no worries there.

How do i check the tension on the belt is right.
not sure with the boot, but the alternator belt should be able to be deflected around 10mm on the longest run. longest run will be crank pulley to coolant pump.

i just had a quick look at the CV boot replacement, it mentions using circlip pliers and a puller.

might be worth getting a haynes manual to help with stuff like this
Yeah you need a pair of cirplip pliers to remove the coupling on the end of the driveshaft in order to put the new boot on as the standard boots are not stretchy enough to go over it, or you could get a boot made from a special type of rubber from a motorfactor that will stretch over the coupling therefore not needing to remove it. I did this on a clio but not sure if they make one of these for a cinq. Either way its an easy job and yes the universal split boots are crap!
thanks arc, will take a look at the belt tension when i get the new alternator on.

Just went to dig out the haynes manual we had for my wifes old cinq. Everything is pretty much the same so i shouldnt havea any problems using the cinq manual for the sei. Dont they do a haynes for the sei?
it does look pretty easy now i've remembered i had a manual in the attic for my wifes old cinq. Will find me circlip pliers out and give it a blast this weekend.

Thanks for the help
10mm ish or just about twist the belt to 90 degrees is usually the measurement I use

But the 899cc is a toothed belt, unlike the FIRE's toothless belt, but I can only see that making the deflection smaller as opposed to bigger