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Technical Advice on Tyres


Va Va Vroom
May 17, 2005
When i brought my car the tyres on the front wheels were 185 55 14.
while on the back they are 185 50 14.

1. Is this normal two have 2 different depths?

2. Due new tyres, do i get all the same size, or keep to the two different sizes?

3. Found tyres on the net at around £35 including delivery each, cheaper than the £65 i paid last time, how much do you reckon a tyre place will charge for fitting these?
Tyres should be the same size all round. I suspect that a previous owner found the 55 series tyres a bit cheaper so put a pair on.

Check the net for places that arrange fitting at a local fitter.

If you go your route, speak to a local independant, not a chain for fitting prices.


Yep, its unusual for tyres to be different front to back, unless you have a 911turbo or summat ;) ... so yes ideally they should be the same, at least in terms of rolling radius.

I normally buy online (try for a good deal) and expect to pay around £5-7 per rim for fitting, valves and balancing. This depends on whether they have to get rid of your old tyre for you.

Cheers, John
I believe it's illegal to have different size tyres on the same axle. Meaning, they must be a pair on the front and a pair on the back.

So different size front to back is no problem if stopped by the police.

Does that make sense? I think I have confused myself now!