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Technical Accelerator Pedal


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Sep 2, 2007
Hi, mabye a daft question but I'll ask it anyway. Assuming that our Seicento pedal set-up is "the norm". I find that the accelerator pedal is too high (all three pedals are at the same height), is there any ajustments or mods for this...Dave
It does tend to sit a bit higher I think, however you can adjust it to a certain extent.

Look in the bay where the cable meets the throttle body.

If its spi, adjust the nuts to lower the pedal. If it's mpi, remove the clip, move the cable and refit the clip.

I would imagine all is normal though, and by making this adjustment you may end up loosing WOT which is not much good ;)

Cheers for that, the cars is the daughter's and she has small feet (size 2) she find's it uncomfortable to drive for anything more than short journeys ,so something needs to be done with the pedal.. WOT?..Dave
Wide open Throttle

If you slacked the cable too much, the butterfly won't fully open and so it won't drive fast or right at all. There is a bit of play though.

Best to get WOT after adjustment by removing the filter or bob, and see if opens all the way.

My gf has small feet and drive only in boots with a heel, makes it a lot easier.

Now that's a thought, worth a try first.Thanks Dave