General ABS and Airbg lights constantly

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General ABS and Airbg lights constantly


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Sep 14, 2007
hi guys, im hoping you can shed some light

i have a brava who's airbag and ABS lights are perminatly on.

what do you think is causin this and how can i rectify it? is this something i can do at home, im pretty handy round a car but havent worked on this one before apart routine servicing.

thanks for any help​
the abs light is very common. to get it switched off you need to visit a dealer. it usually comes back on a few days later unless you identify the fault and repair it before resetting the airbag ecu. again a dealer is needed to read the fault codes from the airbag ecu so you know what the fault is, and a dealer is realisticaly the only person who should carry out the repair. cost varies a lot.

similarly the abs ecu has identified a fault. unlike the airbag ecu you do not need to reset the abs ecu to switch the light off, it will switch off automatically when the fault is fixed. you can get the abs ecu diagnosed at a dealer to read the fault code stored, helping you to identify the fault. alternatively you can try to diagnose it yourself by testing all 4 wheel sensors and attempting the abs contoller repair, for which there is a guide but i cant remember where so you'll have to use the search function.

the airbag light is not an MOT failure but the ABS light is, both could be expensive problems because you are at the mercy of a fiat dealer, and thats never a good thing.