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Abarth Punto Evo Newhaven

Oct 1, 2017
Edinburgh Scotland
It was a lovely sunny morning in Edinburgh this morning so I went a nice long walk down through Starbank Park and along the front to Newhaven harbour. There was a very big floating crane supporting the walkway for the cruise liner landing facility which I watched for a while before walking back through Newhaven and up the steep cobbled part of Newhaven road towards Victoria Park at the top.

Almost at the top of the hill, on the left, was a white Abarth Punto Evo - needing a bit of a wash. 60 plate. Glass sunroof, like our Becky. I like the look of the Evo (controversial I know, but I actually prefer it to the "bland" Punto) but with the black trim pieces and the glass roof, this looked really nice.

Walked across the park and up Ferry road, saw me home in about 15 minutes. Wondering now if this belongs to a fellow enthusiast/FF contributor or is it just "Joe Blogs" daily transport.
Hey, saw it again! It's definitely local. We'd just pulled into the Asda Newhaven car park when it burbled round behind us and went on about half way up the car park (away from the door crashers where I would be parking if Mrs J wasn't with me). As we were walking across to the entrance I could see a woman getting out and walking towards the entrance. As we reached the end of the second aisle in the supermarket I caught a glimpse of her about half way up the next aisle and I decided to ask her if she was a Fiat enthusiast. "You can't do that" said Mrs J. she's a woman on her own who's never seen you in her life before, "No you can't". By the time I'd thought about it she'd disappeared and the car was gone when we got out of the supermarket.

So, What do you think folks. Should I speak to this person next time I see the car? If it's her partner, presuming it's a he, I probably will but if it's her again should I make contact or do you think that would be inappropriate?