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General 4x4 rear lights


Don't polish it, DRIVE IT
May 2, 2004
It cropped up again today in conversation.

There is a problem if you have the rear light cages fitted, as well as a rear bull-bar.

With this configuration it is virtually impossible to remove the light cluster to change a bulb. The best two solutions that I have come accross have been:

a, Leave the bottom screw of the light cluster out by a couple of thou and saw into the bottom screwhole of the cage, making into a slot. It is then fairly easy to slot the cage over the bottom screw and retain it with the top one.

b, Remove the bottom fixing from the cage completely and weld a similar fixing to the side of it. Then self-tap into the bodywork.

However, forgive me for pointing this out (Sandra), you realy don't need both the cage and the rear bar ... it's a bit belt and braces. Plus, how fast do you intend to reverse ?!?:)