3rd year warranty claims.

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3rd year warranty claims.

Jul 29, 2006
stoke on trent
How long do these take? I had at second year service done on the 29th sept, got them to have alook at the aircon at the same time. They found the normal broken pipe is the problem with the aircon and the both anti-rollbar link arms need replacing. As i havernt heard anything went into the dealers today to find out if there was any news, they said they havernt heard back from fiat yet as there system has be down and there is a back log of claims, and they will be in touch. Is anyone else trying to make a claim and having the same problems.
Right dealer has been in touch this morning, link arms are getting done but its a no for the air con. He said it not covered under the third year warranty. I the reminded him that i came to see him about it 2 months ago, when the car was 1 year 10 months old. As it was due a service at the end of sept, i asked would it be ok to wait and get it looked at then to which he said yes. Then i also tould him i knew it was a common falt and that fiat had modified the pipe in question. So he is going to get in touch with fiat and see what can be done.