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General 2007 New Shape Scudo OIL Issue Help


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Jan 20, 2007
ok We bought a 2007 new shape top of the range TD Scudo
its now done 2500 miles and the oil warning light came on
Referring to the manual it says low on oil!!

SO we called Fiat and they quoted

"the new scudo can butn 1 litre of oil every 1000 miles"

They cant be serious guys surely???

ok its a taxi but its been treated very gently
Hi I have also got the new scudo and have done 3500miles and it has not used a drop of oil but only does 26mpg !!!!! any idea what yours does to the gallon. chris
You are not alone, poured 2 Litres in at about 5500, told it's normal up to about 10k, currently at 18000 (service due, taking it to Peugoet as they are a lot cheaper than Fiat and warranty will not be affected) and not a drop more used to date.
As For MPG, it sucks best i've managed is 30, empty cruising down the motorways at 55mph:cry:
i have a new shape scudo (london taxi conversion) and have only had to top up the oil once in 14.000 miles but its not uncommon for deisel engines esp common rail to burn a litre of oil every 1000 miles. As for fuel im managing about 36 mpg round town which is on par to my old 51 plate expert hdi and considering its more powerfull and heavier than my old one im happy with tha... i have been told though by a peugeot mechanic i know that the 1.6 engine i way too small for the van and doesnt think these engines will last long due to the weight they have to pull and to avoid the 140 hp ones as they have a particulate filter on them that needs refilling every 100.000 miles and can cost over 250 quid to fill
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fill the DPF...with what?
the particulte filter is an additive thats added to the fuel at the injectors theres a bowl at the back of the engine that need filling every 100 to 120.000 miles ... i think peugeot charge about 50 quid a litre for this stuff
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