Technical 2004 Ulysse 2.0 JTD repair (diy)

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Technical 2004 Ulysse 2.0 JTD repair (diy)

Stripped the interior out to be cleaned.
You would not believe the dirt and smell inside this car.
One more question for the experts...
My clutch pedal feels funny and something it doesn't recover to the rest position and I have to pull it up with my foot to get it there.:mad:
Gears change without problem just the issue with the pedal.
Spring or the servo ?

Hi Frantic
Was planing in doing a fluid change and bleed as soon I put the interior back in (I can bread inside it now).

Back again...and sorry for the late reply and update.
Engine/gearbox/clutch all working fine (y)
Car is back on the road for a week ( I have 3 cars) now so I had the chance to test everything and...
Not very happy and actually quite disappointed with the car.
Drove 170 miles this weekend and got only 27mpg out of it (motorway and A road about 50/50). :eek:
Drives fine but is to slow building up speed (I know this is a heavy car).
I literally have to floor it (pedal to the floor) to go anywhere
Brakes need to be sorted they work but feel strange.
Any pointers on the fuel consumption ?
Engine is working fine, timing is perfect (according to manual).
Going to replace diesel filter but don't think is going to help.