1970 Fiat 850 Sport Spyder, Weber 30 DICA Re-build

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1970 Fiat 850 Sport Spyder, Weber 30 DICA Re-build

Ron Ross

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Jul 4, 2022
Tulsa Okla
Well, I requested if someone could tell me where I could get a Weber 30 DICA cheap.
I have discovered that I have two identical carburetors. I am starting to get everything together to do a complete rebuild on both. I am going to strip both carburetors with glass bead, steel and aluminum bodies. I will then Zinc plate both steel and the aluminum. I am not sure why I did not see any posting for someone that this kind of restoration.

Since I am in the electrical field, I have plated with silver many times. I have not done zinc before. I also have not done the yellow chromate. I have tried to run a search on my VIN number Is there a place that I can run the VIN: 100GBS10087529. Everyplace I tried said the number was too short. If there is an interest in doing this type of restoration, please let me know and I will post details as to how it is going. I do not run a business anymore. This restoration will be done at my home.

Oh, please do not ask, I am not selling the extra carburetor. As best as I can determine, a carburetor completely restored is worth well over $1000.00 USD.
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