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General 18,000 service intervals


Nov 9, 2004
West Midlands
i found this when looking on the net
"The range of Fiat Scudo Van's are powered by 109 bhp 2.0-litre JTD 8-valve common rail diesel or a 69 bhp 1.9-litre diesel. JTD service intervals have been extended to 18,000 miles as opposed to 12,000 miles for the 1.9-litre"

so why haven't car service intervals been extended?
If you change oil every 3000 Miles, you are throwing money away. If this is required under warranty, by all means, do it. If not, forget it. That 18000 mile interval supposes top quality full synthetic oil, not cheap mineral oil. I think part of the reason for the short intervals is just to keep you going back to the dealer's service department.

Some cars do have an 18000 mile oil change and service interval. I don't know if this includes any Fiats at the moment or not.
Read the small print. High mileage service intervals are for when the car has "normal" use. If you do a lot of stop start driving, short trips, towing, high speed, dusty conditions etc the interval will be a lot shorter.
I change my oil every six months, regardless of mileage. For the last year I have only been doing 6k. I would change the oil after 6 months if I had done 6 miles or 60,000.