Technical 16inch alloys on my mk1 punto

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Technical 16inch alloys on my mk1 punto


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Jan 19, 2006
i am wondering if these wheels will be straight fit. they came of a VW polo but i was told they are fiat fitment.

i am just needing to know if i would need new bolts?
also i am getin them refurbed and sprayed so wot tyres shood i put on them?
they hav low profiles the now.

cheers (y)
dave said:
what is the pcd, centerbore and offset of the wheels?

eh well its fiat fitment so i am pressuming itll b 98pcd? if not what do i get for them to fit?
it won't be a 98 pcd mate. you want, 100pcd a et38 offset or less and a set of "wobbley" bolts and run a 195/45 v 16 tyre and you wil have no problems with rubbing what so ever as long as you havent made a serious drop. mine is a sporting (lower as standard) and it's lowerd 45mm and i've had absolutly no problems running this set up.:cool: