Technical 1100 engine removed from above??

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Technical 1100 engine removed from above??


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Dec 6, 2005
I know the Haynes manuel instructs that removal of the engine is to drop it from below. However if I remove all surrounding bits, battery shelf etc, could'nt I hoist it from above?
Probably, but it's quite easy to put the car up high on jacks and lower the engine and box 3 feet rather than lifting it 4. There's no subframes to undo, it drops through quite easily.
Okay I will try that as long as I can drag it out from below. I have removed cylinder head starter motor to make it a bit easier.
I've seen people suggest a skateboard for lowering onto.. I've moved various heavy things from cast iron seat ends to cabin beds and freezers on skateboards.
you dont need skate board, just lower it on to a bit of old carpet, then pull out the carpet with engine on it :)