General 04 1.9 jtd power steering gone

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General 04 1.9 jtd power steering gone


Jan 21, 2023
This could be the end. Is the anything simple can cause the power steering to go, or is it going to end up being an expensive fix?
Yet again advice appreciated.
I have charged the battery, and checked the fuses. Has anyone replaced with a second hand unit? If so, can you guide me please? As in where I would find part number to look for replacement, etc. It would be greatly appreciated.
The only time I have lost power steering with a stilo is when the alternator packed up. Is the alternator charging correctly?
I am going to replace the steering column. If I get a used one with exactly the same fiat number will that be all I need for a match? Thanks.
Surely there must be someone out there has done this...can I just replace the motor on the original steering column, or do I need to replace the who column? I have a good how to for a punt, where they just replace the motor, but unsure how similar they are. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
The system is electric so the motor part would be the one to check. On Punto's I think the motor comes with the whole column but the advantage of Stilos is that if you can find one, the parts in a breakers would be fairly reasonable.

Without hydraulics, the biggest faff (apart from finding the right parts) is going to be access to do the swap.

I would do the job with the whole front of the car in the air (stands under the front jacking points) in case you need to shift the front subframe slightly to make space.

Ralf S.
July 3 you lost power steering

July 4 you charged the battery

July 8 you charged the battery, and its been fine since

July 22 you are going to replace the steering column

History would suggest that you have a power supply problem and not a column one ?

I am led to believe that the 'motor' part of the column is usually only from one or two suppliers and is virtually identical/universal, whereas the 'drive' part of the column is vehicle specific.
Hi Ralf, replaced with a second hand column with same part number, all is well! Thanks for the thought 😀