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Unhappy Swapping 2.0L inline to 131 replica

Hello everyone,

In Egypt we have a Turkish-Italian car which was redesigned and manufactured with some modifications to it. Its name is Tofaş Şahin. Anyway, it really doesn't differ a lot from the well known FIAT 131.

Basically, it has the same chassis with minor differences to the exterior and major differences to the interior and it comes with a SOHC 1.4 or 1.6 spi FIAT engine.

This is an image for the car anyways;


I've swapped a 2.0 l FIAT twin cam engine with code (131C4) which was originally put in FIAT 131 racing.

The engine runs on Weber carburetor and spark mechanical distributor lays on the lower left side of the engine.

I want to run it using FIAT injection system.

IT is possible to use Dedra or Tempra Injection system but here comes the problems.....

The abundant injection system here in Egypt is the one with spark distributor fitted on Cam Shaft.
I can't install this because
1- I have not enough space to install the distributor at the end of the camshaft (between the camshaft and the fire wall)
2-I don't have that camshaft which operates the distributor from the side (as shown below)

Anyways, I'm trying to fit any injection system to it.

I bought some parts like the intake manifold from 1.8 Lancia dedra intake manifold which fits in perfectly, as shown below;

On the other hand it doesn't allow me to use the spark distributor which is installed on the lower part of the engine as there is no room for it. The inlet manifold takes up a lot of space. As you can see;

So now I want your help what system do you think of, which goes on with this manifold and works with ignition coils (not mechanical distributor). taking into account that I may change this throttle body installed on my Lancia manifold.

Any help would be great and appreciated really!
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Re: Swapping 2.0L inline to 131 replica

Could you not use a basic electronic 'pick.up' on the crank pulley.. ?
like the same era panda and uno empolyed

Using CoilPacks rather than a distributor
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