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Anti-Roll Bars/Drop Links

Hi guys,

My 2004 (33,000 miles) 1.6 Stilo has developed a quite loud knocking sound when going over rough surfaces (especially on cobbles), it sounds likes it coming from the front right suspension, and cant be felt through the steering.

From searching the site and advice from other members it sounds like the likely culprit is the anti roll bar/drop links. I have just got one from Fiat at a cost of £13, so I just need to fit it now.

I’ve printed out the guide on how to change it from the site but I have a few questions…

Is it really that easy? I’m not that mechanically minded but do have access to a full workshop, should I be able to do it?

Any tips or tricks I should know before I start, or any problems I should watch out for?

I’m pretty sure its coming from the right hand side, but how can I check for sure, will the worn link be loose?

What makes it knock? Is it wear in the mounting points?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Anti-Roll Bars/Drop Links

definately sounds like the drop link needs changing. yes it really is easy, honest. check for signs that the rubber bush has perished, often it looks slightly smaller or has changed shape or has a lot of cracking. the knocking noise is the play that the perished rubber bush allows. its a 15-20minute job.
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Re: Anti-Roll Bars/Drop Links

If "you can feel it through the steering" then it's just as likely, perhaps more so, to be your right track rod end. I've had both drop links and track rod end go and you couldn't feel the worn drop links so much through the steering, just a rattling noise over rough surfaces because the drop links aren't connected directly to the steering but the suspension.

But the track rod end then yes you could feel the knocks through the steering wheel and it's the right hand one that tends to go first on the Stilo

Check the Stilo guide which may point you in the right direction as to which it is. Either job is easy but you'd need a ball joint splitter for the track rod end

Track rod end? Put the steering on full lock and put your hand on the track rod end while someone rocks the steering a little and you'll feel the knocking there if it's worn out
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