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CONNECT Nav Issues - Please Read This

Due to the high repetition rate of posts and threads regarding problems / issues / queries with the Connect Units, I've decided to bring them all together in this sticky.
  • POLL for views on GPS accuracy of different versions, click here
  • For information about software updating the unit, click here
  • For information about installing the unit, click here.
  • For information about functionality of the unit, click here
  • For information about connecting an iPOD to the unit, click here.
  • For faults and problems - USE THE SEARCH FACILITY FIRST! If then you have no luck, please post in the Technical section.
  • For the ongoing discussion about the unit resetting track position when switching off, see this post.
  • For a list of Voice Commands, please see this post.
  • To solve the issue with a used Blaupunkt IDC-A09 not playing when installed, see this thread.
Rebooting the Unit
If the unit is experiencing problems whilst driving, a reboot may solve this issue. To reboot the unit without turning the ignition off and back on, simply press "Setup" four times.

Hidden "Service" Test Menu

There is an inbuilt menu in the Connect Nav+ unit that allows the user to ensure various modules are working, and that the speakers, antennas and GPS/GSM systems are functioning normally. To access this menu, do the following continuously and quickly:
  1. Press "Setup".
  2. Press a "Connect" softkey (i.e. push either button 10, 11 or 12 of the 12 buttons along the bottom of the screen).
  3. Within a second, press a "Connect" softkey (same as above) 3 times repeatedly.
  4. Press "Enter".
  5. Scroll down to the newly appeared button "Service", and press "Enter".
Turning Screen Off Whilst CN+ Is In Use
Simply push and hold down "Main" for about 5 seconds. Press any function button (e.g. main, nav, audio, tel, map) to turn it instantly back on.

Thanks, and happy foruming!

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