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Rear Brakes Mk1 Punto

Hi all, I need to change the rear brake shoes and possibly the drums as well on my wife's Punto Mk1 1999.

Thing is that it is a Punto 60 TEAM edition model and I know the normal standard Punto 60S model came with 13" tyres but this Team Edition comes with 165/65R14 Tyres (14").

So my question is this will the brake shoes and drums be the same for both 13" & 14" wheels for the Punto Mk1?

Also, my wife went into Halfords today and asked for rear brake shoes and the guy said there were two makes and the shoes are different. He said the 2 different makes for the Mk1 Punto were either Lockheed or Bendix type and we need to know what system it is? - I cannot see anything listed in the Haynes manual to say there were 2 different types of brake shoes fitted to the Punto Mk1.

One last question why has the Punto Mk1 TEAM edition got 14" tyres when the standard had 13" tyres - what are the advantages of Fiat using 14" on the Punto Team?


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Re: Rear Brakes Mk1 Punto

Drums and shoes are the same as other puntos, as for different makes im not aware of that. Havent you any other motor factors round you as halfrauds charge extortionate prices for something you can get elsewhere! Also local motor factor outlets tend to be more knowledgable and helpfull i find. The name of the make of brakes will be pressed into your brake mechanism, if you already have em off give them a wipe over and you should see it!

P.S.Different size tyres will be just a selling point
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