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Swapping out stock stereo

I'm driving an 04 16v sporting, came with the stock stereo which I have already changed out once with disastrous consequences (moral of the story if a spotty oik in halfords doesn't look like he knows his stuff, he probably doesn't.)I have a single din stereo that I'm pretty happy with from a previous car, removed stock put in new one. Cables met, little red light goes on for power, stereo no worky.

Cue spotty oik tells me he can patch/botch the cable to make it work. Succes there is music, but the stereo is constantly on even with no engine running. Not to worry he says take of the facia and all will be well. Week or two down the line I'm having trouble starting the car. Go for a battery check, another oik tells me it's fine. Next day? Dead as my nan's cat. 70 later for a new battery the stock is back in.

Stereo specialists want 60 just to put in a stereo I already own, and halfords don't understand why I had a problem. As I'm sure many of you have tuned up, ideas? Helpful hints? Avoid halfords?
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Re: Swapping out stock stereo

do this and the battery should be saved. some aftermarket HU continue to draw power even when off unless they are wired into the ignition live.
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Re: Swapping out stock stereo

when i tried to find a switched live in a mk2b punto im pretty sure i failed to find one and could only find something like 4.5 volts
i therefore wired the stereo so it was basically always switched on but the owner of the car (family) has yet to say it flattens her battery
i think you need to take a live from ignition switch circuit to successfully achieve your objective OP
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Re: Swapping out stock stereo

Demand a refund for the OInk's poor work and for the battery

Halford batteries are WAY overpriced - dont always look to halfrauds as there not always best quality or price

Sure there handy now and then - dont get me wrong, and there tools apprently are one of the best out there (Apprently)

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