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Stripping/rebuilding a Garrett GT series Turbo
Published by craigb244

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First off

I'm making this guide as there is not much online about the GT Garrett turbo's.

Ive rebuilt these turbos many times and this is the way I find it best and ive yet to have any problems

photos where taken while rebuilding a GT1752 with blown seals(bearings where perfect but replaced them anyway) and swapping the water cooled core with a air cooled core from a Astra GT15 turbo (which just goes to show how interchangeable GT turbo parts are!)

first of all strip the turbo... sadly I took no photos of this but ill explain, but if you look at the photos for putting it together you wont have a problem.

Ive tagged up a photo with numbers to help identify parts which should help here goes...

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Re: Stripping/rebuilding a Garrett GT series Turbo

Looks great. Cheers
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