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Stripping/rebuilding a Garrett GT series Turbo
Published by craigb244

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Lets start!...stripping...

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remove the waste gate solenoid

I marked the shaft/nut/compressor wheel with a diamond scribe tool as to line everything up when put back together (Garrett turbo's have each component balanced as single parts so positions are not important but it helps ensure the nut is tightened the right amount and keeps it all in its original position) spray everything with gasplus and remove the 10mm bolts from the turbine housing(1).

with the turbine housing(1) held in a vice, use a soft drift to tap the core(2) out of the housing. (never hit the aluminium parts of the turbo or the cast fins as they will snap off)

do this equally, if it starts coming out on one side start tapping it out on the other side... if you don't the turbine can hit the housing... not good!

next remove the 8mm bolts holding the compressor housing(3) on, the housing should remove without much effort... but like the turbine housing pull it off carefully!

now you need to be very careful, secure the core(2) in a vice and remove the nut(9) holding the compressor(5) on... this nut has a *LEFT HAND THREAD* the nut fits a 12point 8mm ring spanner perfectly, the turbine(4) will either have a triangle shaped head(which mine did and so made a tool to hold it) and others its just a simple 10mm head.

Once the nut is removed I usually wrap the turbine and compressor in a small amount of cloth(the wheels can be razor sharp) then hold the turbine and carefully twist/pull the compressor wheel.
Some times they slip of easy... If not GENTLY tap the turbine shaft down which should give you enough room to get your fingers behind the compressor to pull it off.

now pull the turbine(4) out. (may need a gentle tap if the seal has failed causing them to gum up)

behind the turbine MAY be a heat shield(8)

next remove the 4 torx screws (T15 if i remember) holding the compressor back plate (7) on to the core.

pull the back plate off.

Behind this you will see the thrust plate... remove this and the one half of the thrust washer.

next remove the bearing locator. this has a small nipple to help removal with needle nose pliers.

now remove the main bearing. it should be a rather loose fit but if the turbo has had a rough life then it may be gummed in. if this is the case then push it out from behind with a small screwdriver, etc.

now back to the compressor back plate.

in the center you will see the other half of the thrust washer/oil seal.

push this out of the plate. it may be tough as the seal is locked into a grove.

congratulations... you now have a pile of bits that was once a turbo

You can now clean the components as you wish (just be careful with the turbine and compressor wheel as they are VERY delicate)

next page is the rebuild

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Re: Stripping/rebuilding a Garrett GT series Turbo

Looks great. Cheers
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Re: Stripping/rebuilding a Garrett GT series Turbo

Really nice guide.
Is it not necessary to balance the shaft after putting a new compressor wheel on?
My 1.3 JTD turbo is leaking a bit of exhaust fumes from the variable valve shaft seal and there is engine oil appearing in the intercooler.

Might need this guide soon
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