Okay, What you'll need

  • A can of Savage Light Tinting spray - £12.99 - Motorman
  • Masking tape - £1.58 - B&Q
  • Autoglym Super Resin Polish or T-cut
  • A Knife

Preparing the lights

To prepare the lights you need to mask off the outer casing as we dont want to get it covered in paint, use the knife to push the masking tape down into place as shown in the photo below.


This might take awhile to get it tidy but its worth it in the end (y)

Once you have gone round all the edge of the lights you need to finish covering up the casing, it should look somthing like this.



Spaying the lights isnt too difficult, you need to apply nice even coats, not too thin but also not too thick as it will crack.


Another problem you may find is that the lights will turn white as shown below


I beleive this happens when spraying in a too cold environment, so if possible do it somewhere warm.

Once you have sprayed them to a level of tint you are happy with allow them to dry for atleast an hour before removing the masking tape.

Finishing off

Okay, so now you have a set of tinted lights that may look a little funny and tacky with white marks on them, well heres the magic :idea:

Wax them!


Now you should have a good looking pair of tinted lights ready to be fitted to the car, so, go fit them!

Then all thats left to do is show them off