Step 1;
Take the lock out of the door by taking off the door panel and removing the 'U' shaped plate which wedges between the lock and outer door skin.


Once you remove this plate, unclip the lever and pull the lock towards you from outside the car.


When you have managed to get the lock out which can be fiddly you should be faced with this;


Using a small flat headed screw driver prise the black outer casing from the barrel. Be careful as there is a small spring which will pop out if you are rough.


When you separate the barrel from the plastic casing take the small screw driver and remove the locking clip from the barrel to separate yet another metal casing from the lock barrel. Lay the components out to familiarise yourself;



You will notice at the end of the barrel there is a single prong, this is because the poor quality casting has caused the other prong to snap from general use.


The next part gets tricky, you need to secure the lock barrel and drill directly where the prong has snapped. Be careful how deep you drill because you don't want to drill into the mechanism. Ensure you chose an appropriate sized drill bit which you can tap (thread) afterwards. I used a 3mm drill and tap. You should have something that looks like this;


Next you need to find a screw and nut (3mm in my case). Ensure you use locktite on the threads and using the nut lock the screw into the end of the barrel like this;


Cut the top of the screw level with the remaining prong.
The next problem you face on reassembly is the circular spring will not seat itself correctly because of the 3mm nut;


Take a hacksaw and cut a relief in the nut, obviously not too near the thread of the screw as it will become loose. It should look like this;


You can now reassemble the lock;


All done!


Make sure you test the lock at this point before re-fitting to save time later. You are now ready to re-install the lock back into the door. Remember to use both plastic washers and the 'U' plate when putting the lock back and last but not least remember to clip the lever arm on inside the door.

If you need any further advice feel free to PM me!

Good luck,