• OK, my wifes shumi had the usual rear wiper problem when bought, it didn't work. After doing a search of the forum and seeing loads of others with the same prob and the usual advice of replacing it I thought what the hell, it's knackered so i cant make it any worse by trying to fix it.
  • Firstly check that you have power at the motor, to check there isn't a problem anywhere else.
  • To do this the tailgate has to be shut so remove parcel shelf and test from the back seat.
Got power?
  • Right remove 10mm nut which holds wiper arm on, its splined so may be stiff to remove. Inside tailgate remove cover containing stop lamp. Undo 3 bolts and motor will come away.
  • On the motor is a plastic tube which the shaft runs in, at the end nearest the wiper arm splines use a small jewellers screwdriver to scrape away crud to expose a circlip and washer. Remove circlip, this can be fiddly. Once free remove washer. now on back of motor housing is a platic/nylon plate with 4 bolts and a small cover.

    • Undo bolts and remove plate. Replace wiper arm nut so that it protects the threads and tap, hit or use a press to try and get shaft out of plastic sleeve. If you are lucky it will come out along with associated mechanism. If not brute force may be needed, the motor is no good anyway so what have you got to lose? A metal bush may come out of plastic tube still attached to shaft. Ok if you have got this far the corrosion on shaft will be plain to see, use wet and dry to remove. Plastic tube comes out easily and only goes back one way so take it out and use to check that the shaft now turns easily when inserted. Now is the time to reconnect motor to multi plug to see if motor works, it does? now for refit. Put plastic tube back into motor housing, Make sure gear goes back into housing contact side down.
    If metal bush came out of tube slip it onto the wiper shaft and then insert shaft into plastic tube. Slip actuating mechanism pin into gear and repack with grease. Replace cover, it may not fit so remove little plug refit cover and refit plastic plug and spring. Refit washer and circlip and bolt motor back onto car. Reconnect power and check shaft turns. Refit wiper arm and adjust on splines for best sweep and park position, do up nut.
  • It's easir to do than it sounds, once cover is off gears and mechanism is self explanotory. Might be an idea to coat shaft with copperslip to try and prevent problem recurring.
Time taken 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours.